Benefits & Features

Give your team the tools, freedom and flexibility to get out there, win listings and generate sales.

Ensure the right people have the right information wherever they are, whenever they need it.

Whether data is entered centrally in an office or captured out in the field, with Pocket Neg every device becomes an extension of your in-house system. Your team can be anywhere and operate just as efficiently with the latest sales and marketing information in front of them.

Why Pocket Neg?

Offline Access

Onsite or offsite, online or offline, keep your business moving while your workforce are on the go.

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, your business needs systems that work all the time, not just when you have connectivity. Pocket Neg performs brilliantly both on and offline.

Productivity & Efficiency

Data generated from valuations and viewings is captured in real time with no need for it to be rekeyed.

With vital information managed and distributed smartly, admin time and costs are eliminated so resources can be concentrated on securing new business.


Pocket Neg unlocks the power of quality, fast flowing information

Capitalising on sales opportunities takes agility. Wherever you are, whatever your connectivity with Pocket Neg you can access and update all your core business functions including contact information, current and historic property comparables, diary schedules, marketing collateral and market appraisals.

User Experience

Clever systems, simple to use

Reliable and easy to master, Pocket Neg offers an unrivalled user experience that delivers immediate benefits. Confidence in our digital systems means your staff will be sold on our solutions from day one ensuring rapid, effective adoption across your organisation.

Recruiting The Best Talent

Unparalleled flexibility for your employees. Unparalleled productivity for your business.

Property is a highly competitive industry: you’re not only vying for the best properties but also for the best people to market and sell them. Property Neg can give your company the edge in attracting the brightest talent by offering them a role in a pioneering, forward-thinking business that embraces improved flexibility for its employees.

Data Security

Securing your freedom

Flexibility, scalability and freedom should never jeopardise the security of your company. Client peace of mind is crucial to the success of Pocket Neg which is why we employ the best possible standards to manage and safeguard your business data.

See how Pocket Neg can work for you.